Our Vision:

One Club, One Spirit, One Direction

Mission Statement:

To be a leader in the administration, promotion and delivery of football for players and supporters in a quality environment making our club a source of pride in the Whakatane community.

Guiding Principles:

  • To foster a professional attitude throughout the club on and off the field.
  • To provide a modern multi purpose facility for all club members and the wider community.
  • To foster a sense of unity and a commitment to communication throughout the club.
  • To provide equal opportunities for all regardless of age, gender and abilities.
  • To ensure responsible stewardship of the clubs finances through proper fiscal management.
  • To maintain and improve the assets of the club to the highest possible standard.


The Whakatane Town A.F.C. Trust

Known affectionately as the Ned Kelly Trust after its founder and Life Member of our Club, Dennis ” Ned ” Kelly, the Trust has, over the years, been one of the Club’s most consistent sponsors, meeting the cost of insuring the Club’s assets, the rental on the ground on witch the Clubhouse stands and the water and sewerage charges. The Trust was started in the late 1950’s when soccer in the Eastern Bay of Plenty was still in it’s infancy, and it’s main source of revenue, was believe it or not, derived from the collection and cashing in on beer bottles. From such humble beginnings Ned has developed the Trust Fund to the point where it is now proving to be of great benefit to the Club in a time of escalation costs. The Fund’s Trustees at present are Ned Kelly, John Pullar and Bill Finlayson and the Club is grateful to them for their continuing support.


In Memoriam

As we celebrate special anniversary’s and our day to day we turn our thoughts to those members who have passed away over the years.

Whether as players, administrators or supporters, the contribution made to the life of the club by those Men, Women and Children is not forgotten.

The modern club which we enjoy today stands as a tribute to them all.